“My goal proved that disability doesn’t exist.. we are the ones who ho make our destiny” – Marcin Oleksy

365Scores interviewed Marcin Oleksy, Warta Poznań’s amputee footballer and Puskas Award nominee, ahead of FIFA The Best Awards ceremony tonight.

Greetings Marcin, tell us, how did you score this amazing goal? How did that idea come to you? To score a scissor kick goal?

Oleksy:”I always wanted to score a beautiful goal and finally I did it I have it in me that I can do such things on crutches”.

How did you start with football? And how did you overcome the circumstances that might end the dreams and passion of many for the game?

Oleksy: “My adventure with football started when I was a child, I always loved playing football but an accident changed everything, but 9 years after the amputation I started playing football again thanks to my family and friends who believed in me”.

Did you ever expect to compete for an award in the Best Awards? The Puskas Award? And what was your reaction when you learned that your goal was nominated for the award, and shortlisted as one of the three finalists?

Oleksy: “I don’t think any of us expect to even be nominated for such a big award. I was very happy with the nomination itself but after the realising it has made the top 3, I went crazy with joy”.

One goal changed your life.. It also changed the Amputee football community… Do you have any specific wishes? Any other goal you want to achieve?

Oleksy: “Did my goal change my life? of course not but it proved that disability does not exist. I also hope that my goal will help in the development of this community… My target is to win a World Championship medal with my National Team”.

Now your goal is in the final three list… Do you expect to win the Puskas Award?

Oleksy: “I think that each of these 3 goals is beautiful, but I think that my goal will change the attitude of many people after similar accidents”.

Do you wish to meet a certain player? Who is your favorite player?

Oleksy: “A player I want to meet? I would like to meet all the players present at the gala, I hope I will succeed”.

We can say that Robert Lewandowski had a major role in spreading your goal worldwide… Have you spoken to him? What did he tell you? And how did you feel when he shared the goal?

Oleksy: “It’s hard to say whether Lewandowski played the main role in spreading the goal.
I believe that all the people in the world helped me with this. I haven’t talked to Robert until now”.

What’s your message to the fans who voted for your goal, as well as to the Amputee Football community?

Oleksy: “I would like to thank everyone for voting for me, it means a lot to me and I wish everyone the moments I am experiencing now. Most importantly, you must never give up! We are the one who make our own destiny”.

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