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Michigan Wolverines- Time for Redemption

After a challenging month, the former Big Ten champions, the Michigan Wolverines, will be competing face-to-face against the Iowa Hawkeyes in hopes of securing a Big Ten championship title this Saturday, December 2. Michigan ended their 2023-24 college football season undefeated with a record of 9-0 and the team was ranked second on the AP Top 25 rankings. These accomplishments are impressive following the amount of negative publicity the team had received amidst various allegations, and the suspension of their head coach twice within one season. 

On October 19, 2023, the University of Michigan football team was accused of sign stealing and sending people to the games of the Wolverines’ future opponents this 2023-24 season. These allegations claimed that the institution was attempting to scout out their opponents’ signs and decipher the meanings of the signs. It was alleged that this was devised by the team’s former recruiting analyst, Connor Stalions, who purchased tickets to different games of future opponents and sent people to record the opponents’ signs. Following the numerous allegations, the recruiting analyst was suspended by Michigan and decided to resign from his position two weeks later. 

Michigan’s head football coach, Jim Harbaugh, continued to deny these claims and stated that he had no prior knowledge of any improper scouting that was conducted by a member of his staff. Following their investigation earlier this month, the Big Ten decided to hand Harbaugh a three-game suspension which forced the coach to sit out the remaining games of the 2023-24 regular season. The suspension came as a result of the conference agreeing to close their investigation if Michigan accepts the three-game suspension. The suspension permitted Harbaugh to attend team practices and team-related activities throughout the week but prohibited him from being on the sidelines on gameday.

This past Saturday, fans were unsure of how No. 3 Michigan would perform against No. 2 Ohio State. The Michigan vs. Ohio State game is the most anticipated game of the season for fans as this is one of the greatest rivalries in college football. Saturday’s game was the two teams’ final game of the regular season and the Ohio State Buckeyes had been undefeated following their spectacular regular season. The Wolverines were forced to play this game amidst the absence of their head coach, and the team managed to clinch a victory over Ohio State with a 30-24 win, securing their spot in the Big Ten Championship Game. 

As the college football conference championship games begin this weekend, Michigan fans are waiting in anticipation for the return of their head coach. Harbaugh will be returning to Michigan just in time to coach his team to a potential victory over Iowa in the Big Ten Championship Game. If the Michigan coach manages to secure this win for his team, the school is almost guaranteed to qualify for a spot in the College Football Playoffs. While Michigan had a spectacular season on the field, the team faced an untraditional season off the field. Despite all of the allegations the institution faced, and the two separate suspensions their head coach endured, the Wolverines might be able to win it all.

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