Top of La Liga: Girona FC breaking records and making history

Girona FC are top of the league in Spain, the La Liga leaders.

They have just beat Villarreal in a stunning 2-1 victory, making them 1st in the league, bringing home their sixth win of the season, an undefeated side so far. History has been made.

After the match, Girona’s manager Michel commented saying that “It’s beautiful to see the league table, to see us up there is something this club and these fans should be proud of”.

It truly is a beautiful sight. This is the first time a Catalan team, excluding Barcelona, has graced the top of the table in the last 70 years after at least the 7th gameweek and it is the first time Girona has ever been top of the league in its history. This is a major achievement for the club!

This represents the potential for a stark change for Girona when considering that last season they finished in 10th place. Girona are not completely alien to success however as in 2019 they won the Supercopa de Catalunya but considering it’s a friendly regional title, they will certainly hoping for greater success in the near future. This may just be the beginning of Girona being the new star team of the Catalan region, and in Spain as a whole. The Club’s manager Michel, an ex-Spainish footballer, has proved himself to be one who brings success to the teams he has managed. His eyes are now likely focused on the La Liga title as his next success. Once a lofty aim for a team such as Girona, now a possibility.

For many years La Liga has been dominated by few teams, most notably Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid. It is great to see teams such as Girona experiencing success in the league.

However, it is still very early in the season, so whilst this is a big achievement, there is still much to be done. The real challenge for Girona is yet to come. Will they be able to maintain this success across the entirety of the season? Will Girona shock the world and win a La Liga title?

They do have a high chance of maintaining this form. Especially with players such as Yangel Herrera and Artem Dovbyk who have proved that they can find the back of the net consistently, both having scored three goals each this season. As well as having great providers of chances through a player such as Savio who has already bagged four assists this season.

Girona’s next game against Real Madrid is of great significance. Los Blancos are currently second in the league, just one point behind the league’s leaders. Thus, this match is vital for Girona as it will prove decisive in whether or not they remain at the top of the table. Not only would a win confirm their top position, but it would also prove to the team itself that they are truly capable of greatness beyond that which has been imagined prior.

In 2017, Girona managed to beat Real Madrid 2-1. With morale high, as well as fans and players filled to the brim with passion, Girona are in a better position than ever to defeat Los Blancos. They will undoubtedly fight fiercely on 30th September to maintain their crowned status.

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