Football’s Greatest International Rivalries

The International break is back! With Argentina meeting Uruguay and Brazil in the space of 5 days, 365Scores invites you to test your football knowledge and name the 10 international rivalries in our quiz down below.

The football rivalry between Argentina and Uruguay is one of the oldest and most intense in South American football history. Dating back to their first official match in 1902, these neighboring nations have engaged in numerous heated battles on the pitch. The rivalry reached its peak during the early 20th century, with both countries enjoying success on the international stage. The defining moment came in the 1930 FIFA World Cup final, hosted by Uruguay, where they defeated Argentina 4-2 to claim their first World Cup title. This historic encounter solidified the intensity of the rivalry. Matches between Argentina and Uruguay continue to captivate fans, featuring passionate play, memorable moments, and a fierce determination to claim regional football supremacy.

The football rivalry between Argentina and Brazil is another storied and fiercely contested battle in South American football. With a long history of competitive clashes, these two football giants consistently deliver high-stakes and emotionally charged encounters. The matches between Argentina and Brazil are not only about regional supremacy but also carry a global footballing significance. The rivalry has been highlighted by iconic players such as Pelé and Diego Maradona, who have left an indelible mark on the history of football. The upcoming clash, just five days after Argentina faces Uruguay, adds an extra layer of anticipation and drama, as both teams vie for bragging rights and seek to showcase their prowess on the continental stage. The intensity of the matches between Argentina and Brazil has made this rivalry one of the most celebrated and closely watched in international football.

Fussball-WM 1982: Brasilien – Argentinien, Junior, Maradona, Oscar (Photo by Dölf Preisig/RDB/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

As Argentina prepares to face their arch-rivals Uruguay and Brazil in quick succession, the footballing world is captivated by the prospect of witnessing two epic battles that will further define the rich history of South American football. Argentina’s recent run of victories has added a sense of confidence and momentum to their campaign, with Lionel Messi at the forefront of their success. Messi’s remarkable talent and leadership have become instrumental in Argentina’s quest for glory, and the possibility of him leading his country to another World Cup tournament is a tantalizing prospect. As the footballing giants clash, fans around the globe eagerly anticipate the unfolding drama, knowing that these matchups will contribute to their country’s legacy.

From historic clashes to modern-day showdowns, the world of football is filled with iconic rivalries that have shaped the sport’s narrative. Whether it’s the fervent contests in South America or clashes on other continents, challenge yourself to recall the names and histories of these celebrated battles that have left an indelible mark on the beautiful game. How many can you name?

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