Users survey: Share your opinion about the 365Scores App!


  1. I love it!!! Probably the best football (soccer) app in my opinion! There are things that could have more attention than it already does, like: specify exactly all the players that wont be available in the next game; sometimes, there’s an assist to a goal which gets touched by a defender but it still goes to the player that scores, and the assist doesn’t count and doesn’t show in the game center. Details that a football fanatic pay attention to, specially if using the app to analyze the games for betting! But in general it’s amazing and one of the apps I use the most! Thank you

  2. I find 365 scores app very very useful to me on daily basis.
    1. Its quick to launch
    2. Has update information
    3. Very easy to use
    4. a live match and post match results are available
    And many great features.
    Women football league
    African football
    Asian football
    Bio of players info is available on this app
    365scores is part of my daily life app partner. I love it its splendid

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