Three weeks into the NBA, here are more things that 365Scores loves!

The 2023/24 NBA season is well underway, and fans have already been treated to three weeks of rousing basketball action. With no team yet out of contention for a ring and rookies and vets alike showcasing their talents, the season promises to be a dazzling spectacle of spirited competition and extraordinary moments. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the ongoing NBA season, pinpointing things that we’ve loved. Whether you’ve been following from the first tip-off or you’re just jumping on the bandwagon, there’s something for everyone to savor in this year’s NBA action.

Tis’ the season of Tyrese Maxey

Tyrese Maxey, drafted from Kentucky with the 21st pick by the 76ers in 2020, has exploded this year. On November 12, 2023, Maxey put up a career-high 50 points along with seven rebounds, five assists, and three blocks in a 137–126 win over the Indiana Pacers. He became the sixth Sixer ever with 50+ points, 5+ rebounds, and 5+ assists (Allen Iverson, Joel Embiid, Wilt Chamberlain, Hal Greer, and Dana Barros). Maxey also joined Iverson as the only Sixers with 50+ points at 23 or younger.

He is leading the league in minutes per game with 38:04. He is also 12th in PPG (26.8), 12th in assists (7.1), 2nd in free-throw percentage (95%), and has scored the 6th most three-pointers this season.

With him and MVP Joel Embiid both on top form, the 76ers are going to be tough to stop this season.


Kevin Durant is just getting better and better… aged 35

Kevin Durant is an NBA legend and he just continues to improve. His 31.4 points per game is up there with the highest in the league and up there with one of the highest averages he has ever scored through a season. What’s more, the Phoenix Suns appear to be finding their groove. Now three wins on the bounce, KD is clicking with Devin Booker to form a super partnership.

In his last three games, Kevin Durant has averaged 36.0 PPG, 8.3 APG, 7.7 RPG, and 1.0 BPG with a 62.5 FG%, 63.2 3P% and a 100 FT%. In doing so, he became the first player in Suns history to score 400+ points through the first 13 games of a season. It’s easy to forget, the man is 35 years old. 

What a machine.

Charlotte Hornets’ Mark Williams breaks through

The NBA sophomore from Duke has started to come into his own. Drafted 15th in the 1st round by the Charlotte Hornets in 2022, Williams enjoyed a steady first season. This season, he has proven his qualities. He leads the league in field goal percentage (72%) and has proven to be a rebound machine. He grabbed 24 boards in a win over the Wizards, 15 of which were offensive rebounds, a Hornets record. His minutes have increased since last season, as well as his PPG (13.5). Could he be part of the answer to the Hornets’ problems?

Nikola Jokic is HIM

For someone who doesn’t appear to even enjoy the game of basketball, Nikola Jokic is pretty good at the game. The Serb won a ring with the Nuggets in June and then went off the basketball grid for months, choosing to party and enjoy himself over the break whilst his competitors grinded in the gym to be ready for pre-season. Yet still, there was no doubt about what Jokic’s performances would be like once he returned.

Already this season, Jokic has FIVE triple-doubles and is averaging 28.8 PPG, 13.8 RPG and 9.0 APG. He may not express it in his interviews but he is clearly hungry to defend the title and bring another NBA trophy to Denver. He is simply sensational.

By Nicky Helfgott / @NickyH3lfgott on Twitter

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