The World Reacts to Celtics 18th NBA Championship Win

Celtics win NBA Championship with mixed reactions from NBA Fans

Monday night the Boston Celtics beat the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 to win the 2024 NBA Championship Title. With this win the Celtics overtook the Los Angeles Lakers and now have the most NBA Championship titles of any NBA team. Celtics fans everywhere are ecstatic, while many Lakers fans feel that the Celtics are underserving of the title.

Fans upset after Celtics take lead for most NBA Championships

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback and Texas native Patrick Mahomes tweeted negatively about Celtics player Payton Pritchard. This post was made right after Pritchard made a half-court shot at the buzzer to close off the first half with a 21-point Celtics lead.

Former Lakers player Magic Johnson took to Twitter to state his feelings about the Celtics win. During his time with the Lakers, Johnson faced the Celtics in the finals twice, winning two of them.

Many NBA fans feel that the Celtics are not deserving of holding the title of most NBA Championships. This is mainly due to 13 of their 18 championships being before the ABA/NBA merger. On the other hand, the Lakers have been consistently dominant, winning championships in all major eras of NBA history.

Despite the sadness of losing their tied record of most NBA Championships, Lakers fans are still optimistic about re-claiming the title. The last four times the Celtics have won the NBA Championship the Lakers have won in the following year, two of those being two-peat championships. The Lakers and Lakers fans will look to continue their streak in the 2024-2025 season.

Celtics fans celebrate hard

Boston fans gathered in the streets after the Celtics won to celebrate their victory. Hundreds of fans got together to sing “Sweet Caroline.”

Kendrick Perkins, former Celtics player tweeted his excitement about the championship run but people did not respond kindly in the comments. People criticized Perkins’s statement of “Greatest Championship runs in NBA History” as many believed that the playoff run was made exponentially easier due to many opposing players in each series suffering from major injuries. Throughout the 2023-2024 season, Perkins was a heavy critiquer of the Celtics specifically Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Fans from all ends were quick to put Perkins in his place.

Actor Michael Chiklis and Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy each took to Twitter to show their support for the Celtics by smoking a cigar, a Celtics tradition started by former head coach Red Auerbach. Auerbach would sit on the bench and light a cigar towards the end of the game if the Celtics were playing well. Many fans have followed in Auerbach’s footsteps and lit a “victory cigar” to celebrate the win.

Celtics fans were quick to shade Kyrie Irving after having a rough series with the Mavericks. The former Celtics player has had a rough relationship with Celtics fans since leaving Boston. This led to him being constantly berated by the crowd and individuals throughout the series which may have led to his poor performance. After game 5 Boston fans were seen chanting in the streets berating Kyrie Irving.