Euro 2024 is off to a fantastic start – here’s what we’ve loved!

The Euro 2024 tournament has kicked off in spectacular fashion, captivating football fans worldwide with thrilling matches, stunning goals, and unforgettable moments. From the heart-pounding opening Germany vs. Scotland match to the mesmerizing performances of both seasoned stars and emerging talents, the competition has already delivered a feast of footballing excellence. The stadiums across Germany have been buzzing with electrifying atmospheres and the beautiful purple and blue of Die Mannschaft’s away kit.

As we revel in the magic of Euro 2024, it’s clear that this edition of the tournament is shaping up to be one of the most memorable yet, offering incredible stories and highlights that will be cherished for years to come. Let’s dive into the moments we’ve loved so far and celebrate the extraordinary spectacle that is Euro 2024.

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Incredible Goals:

Euro 2024 has already been graced with some incredible goals that have left fans in awe. Real Madrid‘s star boy Arda Guler showcased his immense talent by scoring a breathtaking goal for Turkey against Georgia. In the same match, Turkey’s Mert Muldur added to the spectacle with a stunning volley. After a clearance by the Georgian defense, Ferdi Kadioglu’s cross was met perfectly by Muldur, who struck it with precision and power into the net.

Meanwhile, Italy’s Nico Barella delivered a moment of brilliance with a sensational half-volley against Albania, demonstrating his exceptional technique and composure.


Wirtz x Musiala x Havertz:

Wirtz, Musiala, and Havertz have formed a formidable trio at Euro 2024, driving Germany’s sensational start with two wins and seven goals. Musiala’s mesmerizing dribbling, Wirtz’s precise passing and flair, and Havertz’s intelligent movement and smooth link-up play have created a lethal combination on the pitch.

Their synergy and understanding of each other’s game have been pivotal in executing Germany’s tiki-taka style, leaving opponents struggling to keep up. As these young stars continue to gel and refine their play, their dynamic partnership could become a nightmare for any team daring to stand in their way.

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Euro 2024 Giant Killings:

Euro 2024 has already seen some thrilling giant killings, adding to the tournament’s excitement. Slovakia pulled off an impressive win over Belgium, securing a 1-0 victory against one of Europe’s top teams. Their defense was resolute and they grinded out the win having scored early on in the game.

Meanwhile, the fresh and exciting Albania side managed to score a last-minute equalizer against Croatia, resulting in a thrilling 2-2 draw and crushing Croatian hearts. These unexpected results have electrified the competition, showcasing the unpredictable and exhilarating nature of the beautiful game.

Thrilling Matches:

Euro 2024 has delivered some of its most thrilling matches not through star-studded lineups, but through games brimming with passion and pride. The Croatia vs. Albania match was a prime example, ending in a dramatic 2-2 draw. Albania led until the 74th minute, only for Croatia to score twice in two minutes, seizing the lead. However, in the 94th minute, Albania struck back with a late goal to equalize, leaving fans breathless.

Similarly, the Turkey vs. Georgia game, which ended 3-1 in favor of Turkey, was played at a blistering pace with knockout-stage intensity. The frenetic excitement and relentless energy on display made these matches some of the most captivating of the tournament, highlighting the true spirit of Euro 2024.

Fan Banter:

As the underdogs Albania prepared to face the reigning Euros champions Italy, thousands of fans from both nations flocked to the west German city of Dortmund to support their teams in their opening games of the tournament. The streets were alive with spirited banter and playful taunts, setting the stage for an electrifying clash.

A widely shared video captured the light-hearted antics, showing Albanian supporters breaking uncooked spaghetti in front of bemused Italian fans, poking fun at Italy’s beloved cuisine.

Meanwhile, in Düsseldorf, Austria, and France fans mingled in a beer garden, where an Austrian supporter humorously snapped a baguette in front of French fans, sparking laughter and camaraderie. These moments of fan banter have added a layer of humor and unity to the fierce competition, capturing the essence of football’s unique ability to bring people together.

The Masked Mbappé that is about to occur:

Kylian Mbappé broke his nose late on in France’s opening fixture against Austria. Disaster. He had to come off the pitch as blood gushed down his face. It looked perilous, but it seems that Mbappé’s tournament will continue.

He posted on X (formerly Twitter), ‘Any ideas for masks?’. You can just imagine it, masked Mbappé catapulting France through the tournament as kids in playgrounds across the world wear nose or face coverings to emulate their favourite player. Incredible.

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By Nicky Helfgott / @NickyH3lfgott on Twitter (X)

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